Plastic Surgeries R US

It is a brochure about plastic surgery and to promote my business. The brochure includes the background history, testimonials, a logo, and the jobs and prices. The brochure is used for people who want to come to the place and can see real live people who have been there.


Brochure Design

The designs of a brochure is very important when wanting to attract the attention of the consumers or people interested in the brochure. The design principles contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity are great to use in brochures because they make the brochure more interesting. Alignment and proximity are best used to place everything neatly and in order. It has a professional look to it and everything is in the right category. Repetition is commonly used because it doesnt make the brochure look tacky. They use the same color and font which makes it look neat. Contrast allows it to catch the attention of the people who would have it.

Shopping Mishap

Yes, I have had an experience of that sort. Appearance means the most because it is what people see first when they go to buy an item. I was in Walmart and needed to buy some breakfast food so I went to the cereal aisle. As I was walking down the aisle, I noticed that the box was bent in and old lookin’. I did not buy that cereal.